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Tracking wolf Hunting Pouch

Tracking Wolf Hunting Pouch

A good amount of pouches from the 1750's-1800 had themes such as stars, hearts and animals cut out in the leather with a cloth backing. This is a rare example from the northeastern colonies. We call it the wolf hunter.

Price: $180.00


This pouch not only has an inside pocket but a outside brass tacted pocket under the flap, good for balls or other items that need immediate attention.

The paw is light blue flannel material and the flap is cross stitched  on the edges and has beautiful brass tacks.

The strap is a standard 43", made of cotton, which most straps were of the time. The strap is made to be worn on the right hip unless otherwise requested. It also has a large brass adjustable belt buckle. The strap is attached with large (D) rings that adjust the hang of the bag to fit the hip just right. A leather strap can be replaced for an additional $20