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Mohawk Wilderness Pouch

We are pleased to offer a variety of hunting pouches and possibles bags.

Mohawk Wilderness Pouch

The symbol on this particular possibles bag is known as the Cross of Lorraine. It dates back to French trappers and explorers from the early 1600's in Canada, Upper New York and the Great Lakes area. The double cross may also have some adaptations from Celtic influence.

The French were certainly among the very first to have trading relations with the native peoples of North America. In exchange for fur and trapping rights in their lands, Native Americans received silver which they used for armbands, nose piercings and earrings; one of the most popular motifs was the double cross. 

Many Native Americans were converted to Christianity by French missionaries. However, most would have seen the cross in the form of a dragonfly and not a Christian symbol. Native Americans saw silver as a way to ward off evil and wearing silver in areas where evil might enter...nostrils, ears, heart etc, may prevent this. The Mohawk, along with other Iroquois Conference Indians used this symbol before, during and after the French and Indian War of 1754-1763...many were used on pouches such as this example.

The French Continued to use this symbol on possibles bags as they traveled up the Missouri River and traded with the Arikara, Mandan, and Hidatsa tribes long before Lewis and Clark made their famous trip.

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The Mohawk Wilderness Pouch  is constructed of beautiful 5-ounce oil tanned leather.  It is a medium sized bag and measures 9" x 12".



The Cross of Lorraine, outlined by heavy wax stitching, is embedded into the leather and is made of brilliant red wool which would have been readily available in the day.

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The main storage area is divided into two spaces and has a deep gusseted pocket. Underneath the flap on the outside is another 5"x5" gusseted pocket for easy access to extra materials during shooting such as pillow ticking, measuring flasks and short-starters. This unique gusseted pocket is like having a belt bag mounted on the side of the possibles bag; most mountain men would have used this as a ball bag.

The pouch is decorated with period correct brass tacks.






The small gusseted front pocket is secured by a large elk horn button.





The rear of the bag has another pocket for more mountain man accessories.

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The strap is a standard 43", made of cotton, which most straps were of the time. The strap is made to be worn on the right hip unless otherwise requested. It also has a large brass adjustable belt buckle.


The strap is attached with large (D) rings that adjust the hang of the bag to fit the hip just right. A leather strap can be replaced for an additional $20

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Above, this possibles bag is constructed with heavy waxed thread and a Conagher signature cross-stitch around the flap.