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Eastern Woodlands Possibles Bag
We are pleased to offer a variety of hunting pouches and possibles bags.

Eastern Woodlands Possibles Bag, click to order

Eastern Woodlands

The symbol of the cross has been on clothing, rifles and possibles bags for centuries; this one has a Spanish flavor and would have been seen throughout the Southern Rockies during the fur trade.

However, this hunting pouch started extensively in the eastern woodland Appalachians, before and after the French and Indian War.

It is important to remember that most of the early colonists, immigrants and mountain men were Christian, and religious symbols would have been popular motifs to carry with them on their travels.

Price: $190.00

The Eastern Woodlands Bag has a double flap, one in the front and one in the back; it is very rare was made to keep all pockets and possibles as dry during inclement weather. This sample is constructed of beautiful 5-ounce oil tanned leather.  It is a medium sized bag and measures 9" x 12".


The cross, outlined by brass tacks, is embedded into the leather and is made of soft beige flannel.



front flap ,click to order

brass tacked cross, click to order

inside of bag, showing front outside pocket, click to order

The main storage area is divided into two spaces and has a deep gusseted pocket . Underneath the flap on the outside is another pocket for for easy access to extra materials during shooting such as pillow ticking, measuring flasks and short-starters.



Back side of bag with rear Flap




Back side of bag under the flap with a brass bottened pocket

rear view of bag,  click to order

view of bag under rear flap showing back pocket, click to order

The strap is a standard 43", made of cotton, which most straps were of the time. The strap is made to be worn on the right hip unless otherwise requested. It also has a large brass adjustable belt buckle.


The strap is attached with large (D) rings that adjust the hang of the bag to fit the hip just right. A leather strap can be replaced for an additional $20

cotton strap with leather attachments, click to order

D- ring, strap to bag attachment, click to order

Conagher hand-stitched leather, click to order

Above, this possibles bag is constructed with heavy waxed thread and a Conagher signature cross-stitch around the flap.