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Rendezvous Schedule 2016

The following Rendezvous events are scheduled for 2015. Please CALL / EMAIL us at PHONE NUMBER or use the contact information for the specific rendevous events below.

Feb 6th and 7th, 2016

Tioga Mt. Man 2015 Winter Rendezvous

Rook Higgins Park, OR

1840's camp and muzzeloading

CONTACT NAME: Ken Sjogren 541-396-5565

March 12th & 13th 2016

33nd Annual Cascade Mountain Men Muzzleloading & Pioneer Craft Show

Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA

mountain man display and pioneer crafts through the 1840's

CONTACT NAME : Steve Baima, 425-466-6956, or Karen Martin (206) 300-1481,


March 11th-20th, 2016

32 Annual Southwest Regional Rendezvous

Henderson Texas, Hwy 79 north of Henderson. Go 8 miles noth and look for county road 336

pre-1840 history come alive!

CONTACT NAME: Booshway Mark Smith at (903)663-6610 or visit the Southwest Regional Rendezvous Facebook Page.

Mar. 25th-27th Easter Weekend 2016

Fort Buenaventura

Fort Buenaventura is located at:
2450 A Avenue
Ogden, UT 84401

Fur Trade Era, pre 1840

For more information, call (801) 399-8491 or (801) 399-8099.

Apr 1-3 2016

Bear Mt. 18th Annual Trapper's Creek

Rendezvous, Reading, CA.

Mountain Man or trappers era of dress

Diana Cunningham 530-917-5283

Apr 14-17 2016

Sonoma Valley Muzzleloaders 34th Annual Rendezvous

Cloverdale, CA

pre-1840's dress

CONTACT NAME: Michael George 707-996-1308 Jeff Rush 707-795-7761

Apr 15-17 2016

Sagebrush Free Trappers Rendezvous

Rattlesnake Mt Shooting Facility, Benton City, WA

primitive rendezvous encampment, pre 1840's dress

CONTACT NAME: Clint Bouslaugh 509-585-6415         "Iron Heart" Kater 509-619-6607

Apr 22-24 2016

Wenaha Muzzleloaders Rendezvous

"Griz Flats" near Troy, OR

Mountain man and trapper era of dress

CONTACT NAME: "Sunshine", 541-962-6140 or "Bull" 541-377-8415

Late April, Early May, 2016

Bitterroot Rocky Mountain Rendezvous

Eureka Area in Eureka,MT

pre-1840's dress

Contact Name: Randy

Apr 23-27 2016

37th Annual Frog Holler Primitive Rendezvous

Oakridge, OR

Primitive encampment, Pre-1840's and trapper era

CONTACT NAME: Melody Morrell, 541-689-4281

April 29th-  May 1st  2016

Mt Mazama Mountain Men Spring Rendezvous

Klamath Falls, OR

Fur trade era dress and mountainman shoot and trading

CONTACT NAME: Kurt Phillips 541-891-5140                Justin 541-850-8516

April 28-May 1st 2016

Anasazi Free Trappers Rendezvous

Saint George Utah

Contact "Stoneman" Joe Wilde                (435) 673-9426

May 13-15 2016

Skagit Muzzleloaders Rendezvous

Sedro Wooley, WA

trapper and pre-1840's dress required

CONTACT NAME: "Uncle Bob" Troxclair 360-856-5428 "Grizz" Adams 360-428-0173

cancelled this year!

Snohomish Valley Muzzleloaders 26th Annual Rendezvous

Sedro Wooley, WA

Pre 1840's dress required

CONTACT NAME: Harold McCurdy 360-387-2625

May 20-22  2016

Merical Mountain Rendezvous

LOCATION: Marion, Montana

DESCRIPTION: Flathead Valley Muzzleloaders

CONTACT NAME: Don Webber 406-752-5190

May 27th-May 30th 2016;    Memorial Day Weekend

Cache Valley Rendezvous

West of Smithfield Utah on Hwy 218, turns into 142 towards Newton. NEW LOCATION!!!

Pre-1840 dress

Sponsored by Old Ephraim Mountain Man Club/435) 563-1913

CONTACT NAME: Booshways: Dani (Running Moon) Crosbie (435) 760-3870 

Doug, (Skunk Britches), Hooton (801) 866-7073

Vistit on Face Book at OEMM Cache Valley Rendezvous


May 27th-30th

Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade Rendezvous

contact: Bill Alguire (503) 930-0802 or "Pok a Dot" KinKaid (503) 390-5679


June 3-5 2016

Port-Neuf Mountain Man Rendezvous

McCammon, Idaho I-15 Exit 44


CONTACT NAME: Brent Culter (208) 237-4475

First full week in June, 8th-12th 2016

Fort Henry Buckskinners Rendezvous

Hwy 20 N. Rexburg Idaho, exit 337


CONTACT NAME: Booshway: Mike Hogle (208) 760-9910


June 3th-5th 2016

Skagit Muzzleloaders Site, Sedro Wooley, WA

DESCRIPTION:pre 1840's dress,  traders row, rifle and other competitions

CONTACT NAME: "Overload" Litten 206-310-5530

"Many Jugs" Trader  206-571-6662

June 3-8 2016

8th Annual Gold Mountain Rendezvous

 Coeur d'Alene Muzzleloaders Coeru d'Alene, ID

Fur Trade Era or pre 1840's dress required

CONTACT NAME: Bob Kelly 208-659-3784 Pat Silbernagel 208-255-8813

June 3-5  2016

Cascade Brigade Rendezvous



CONTACT NAME: Ted Hartman 541-788-2122

June 3-4 2016

Hells Canyon Muzzleloaders 37th Annual Rendezvous

Winchester, Idaho

Contact: "Moose" Westfall (208) 843-5709 or "Rattler" Presnell (208) 746-3109

June 10-12 2016

Tall Grass Rendezvous

Vernonia Muzzle Loaders, Vernonia, OR

Fur Trade Era dress required

CONTACT NAME: Dan Ball, Jeff Strickland 503-359-9141 day 503-324-4024 eve

June 10-12  2016

33rd Oregon Trail Muzzleloaders Rendezvous

Albion, Idaho

Pre 1840's dress

CONTACT NAME: Rick Ramsey  208-670-1021

June 10-12  2016

Hog Heaven Muzzleloaders Annual Father's Day Rendezvous

LOCATION: Troy, Idaho


CONTACT NAME: Vernon Illi 208-835-5872 Tom Wilson 208-892-0885

June 24-26 2016

Palouse Hills Muzzleloaders 24th Annual Rendezvous


DESCRIPTION:  Pre-1840's Dress

CONTACT NAME: Tony Roberts 509-397-4447

June 17-25 2016

Pacific Primitive Rendezvous

LOCATION: Paisley, OR.

DESCRIPTION: Primitive camp, 1840's dress required

CONTACT NAME: Rick Tabor 541-905-2042 Rick Lindsey 360-653-1857

info go to:

June 23-26  2016

Idaho Free Trapper's 33rd Annual Backwards Rendezvous


DESCRIPTION: info go to:

CONTACT NAME: Troy Upshaw, 208-871-4785 208-922-5370

June 24-26  2016

Snowy Mountain Muzzleloaders 10th Annual Rendezvous

LOCATION: Lewiston, Montana


CONTACT NAME: Tommy 406-366-6462

June 24th-Jul.1st 2016

37th Annual Jed Smith Mountain Men Tall Trees Rendezvous

LOCATION: Brookings, OR

DESCRIPTION: Trappers and Fur Trade dress

CONTACT NAME: Sharon Stewart 707-839-3967

Opening Cerimony: June 29th

Camp Activities: June 30th-July 3rd 2016

1838 Rendezvous

Riverton Wyoming

pre-1840 dress (strictly enforced)

CONTACT NAME: Booshway: Yancy "Time Keeper" Allison

(307) 321-2546

July 9th-16th, 2016


Gunnison, Colorado

CONTACT NAME: Booshway: Marlis DeLaRonde (970) 533-7093

Terry Hanley (435) 353-4401

P. O. Box 1190
Mancos, CO 81328
(970) 533-7093


July 7th-10th 2016, always the second full weekend in July.

Green River Rendezvous

Pinedale, Wyoming

Pre-1840's Fur Trade Dress

CONTACT:,       307-367-2242

July 15th -17th,  2016

7th Annual Broken Wagon Rendezvous


DESCRIPTION: 1840's dress

CONTACT NAME: Allyn Wilson 541-935-8528


July 15-17 2016

35th Annual Buckskin Bill Rendezvous

LOCATION: Kennedy Ranch, Cascade, ID

DESCRIPTION: Fur Trade dress

CONTACT NAME: Paul Bolin208-631-8268 Charlie Swindell 208-559-7408

July 15-17 2016

46th Annual Pine Creek Rendezvous

LOCATION: Cliffdell, WA. (call to confirm site before traveling)

DESCRIPTION 1790's 1840's

CONTACT NAME: Gary Wilson 509-248-1118 Ken Boyle 509-249-1218

July 15-17 2016

Barlow Trail Long Rifles Rendezvous

LOCATION: 2 miles from Government Camp

DESCRIPTION: 1840's, rifle competition

CONTACT NAME: "Stinky" Wamboldt 503-668-6275 Jim Sheets 503-722-7514

July 15-17 2016

Two Rivers Rendezvous

LOCATION: Fawn Creek Camp Ground, Libby, MT

DESCRIPTION: Trapper and Fur Trade Era

CONTACT NAME: Dave Windom 406-283-1916 Mark Morain 406-293-8239

July 15-17 2016

  39th Annual Lolo Trail Rendezvous

  LOCATION: Reggar's Tree Farm, Orofino, ID

  DESCRIPTION Pre- 1840's

 CONTACT NAME: "Ridgewalker" 208-435-4814 or "Two Dogs" (208) 476-3371

July 27-31 2016

Northwest Colonial Reenactors Encampment

LOCATION: Rochester, WA. 

DESCRIPTION Colonial Dress only, primitive camp

CONTACT NAME: Mike Farnum (253)988-0684,  (

July 22-24 2016

43rd Annual Penninsula Long Rifles Rendezvous

LOCATION: Port Angeles, WA

DESCRIPTION Rifle competition and encampment

CONTACT NAME: Deb Rupp 360-452-6755 Karl Schroeter 360-452-5463

Late July, Early August, 2016

Red Lodge Mountain Man Rendezvous

Red Lodge Montana,  located 5.2 miles north of Red Lodge, along Highway 212.

Authentic time period-specific dress


Aug. 13th-15th,  2016

Teton Valley Mountain Rendezvous

Victor City, Idaho (9000 S. Hwy 33)

Fur Trade era Dress (Pre-8140)

CONTACT NAME: City of Victor Idaho 

 Phone: (208) 787-2940

August 26th-28th 2016

Bear Lake Rendezvous

Laketown Utah, south end of Bear Lake

Pre-1840's Dress

Kash Johnson  or

Glen Lachapell

Sept. 2nd-5th 2016; Labor Day weekend

Ft. Bridger Rendezvous

Fort Bridger Wyoming/Every Labor  Day weekend since 1972

Fur trade era. Dress: 1790-1840

Contact Name: Conagher

or  2016 Booshway
Eugene Fowles 801-368-5516

Segundo: Bob Christensen             (801) 690-6619

Late Sept. 2016

Varsity Scout Mountain Man Rendezvous

Mataguay Scout Reservation, 27955 Hwy 79, Santa Ysabel , CA. 92070

Fur trade era dress

CONTACT NAME: Lon Atkinson
Phone: 619-818-5903