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     Muzzleloader Possibles Bags and Pouches 

 Mountain Man Accessories, Powder Horns, and Rifle Sheaths

Fort Bridger Rendezvous

 Welcome Mountain Men and Re-enactors!

We have done extensive research in recreating and providing quality authentic 18th century possibles bags , powder horns, rifle sheaths, and patch boxes as well as many other custom products and accessories from Rendezvous Country. We carry the highest quality leather and horn merchandise that is hand stitched, and hand carved with authenticity that is unmatched.

At Rendezvous Country, we provide our customers with a selection of custom items only seen previously at a mountain man rendezvous. We offer authenticly engraved steel, brass and silver patch boxes, rifle locks and side plates as well as other rifle furniture for your flintlock or percussion rifle. We specialize in custom engraving and offer many engraved patterns for your selection.

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